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Share Your Discount
Earn 25%*

For Affiliates

Not an Affiliate? Get Details on MyShop for Preferred Customers.

Share your link to your MyShop site to share your wholesale discount with customers.

On your MyShop site, your customers can purchase their favourite products, and we’ll fulfil and ship their orders.

Earn up to a 25% commission on each customer's purchase. Commissions are paid in the following days!*

What is MyShop?

Let us help you become an e-commerce professional with MyShop: your personal online 4Life store. Your MyShop site is automatically created when you become an Affiliate. It’s easy-to-use, customizable, and 100% free. Your MyShop allows customers to shop on your site and purchase their favorite products. And the best part? They get access to your wholesale pricing!

  • We fulfill – Orders placed on your MyShop are automatically fulfilled by 4Life at no cost to you.
  • We ship – Products are sent straight from our warehouse to your customers. Bonus alert: orders of 100€ or more ship at no cost to your customers.**
  • We guarantee – Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee applies to your MyShop customer’s orders.
  • You earn – Every order placed on your MyShop counts toward your principal volume and pays a commission.

Share your discount

4Life products are always worth sharing. But what about 4Life products at wholesale prices? No brainer! Share products and your discount when you send others to your MyShop. Those who purchase from your MyShop receive more than 20% savings on their favourite products, and you receive commissions on their orders!

  • 25% / 12% / 5% / 2% commission – Earn a 25% / 12% / 5% / 2% commission on all monthly volume over 100 LP from product orders placed by customers on your MyShop site.*
  • Share your discount – Your unique link is: 4Life.com/[your 4Life ID]

Manage MyShop

  • Customize your MyShop with a unique URL address
  • Change your profile photo
  • Add personal contact info to your site so customers can be in touch

Commissions in the following days

Nobody likes waiting for pay day, which is why MyShop commissions are paid in the following days!***

Custom carts

Have a few product suggestions in mind? We make sharing easy! Create a custom shopping cart with product recommendations, and share it with your customers. All that’s left for them to do is checkout! Custom carts are only available in the 4Life app.

Other Programs

Unlock the power of Me and My 3® to earn one of three Builder Bonus payments each month: 40€, 160€, or 640€. Each bonus is achieved through structure and Team Volume.

Join the 4Life Loyalty Program to get your favourite 4Life products sent to you every month. Maintain a qualifying order and you’ll also receive a free bonus product every month, as well as product credits that you can redeem for free products of your choice!

Rapid Rewards is a program designed to reward you fast. Eligible recipients earn commissions on the product purchases of new Preferred Customers they personally enroll, as well as purchases from customers in their downline. And the best part? Rapid Rewards are paid daily to your 4Life account!

Unlock over 33.000€ in additional bonuses when you purchase a Complete or Professional Essentials Pack.


  • Q: Who gets a MyShop site?
    A: All Affiliates receive a free MyShop site automatically. It’s our way of providing tools to help you succeed.
  • Q: Do I receive commissions for purchases made on MyShop?
    A: Yes. You receive a 25% / 12% / 5% / 2% commission on all MyShop sales.
  • Q: Can I change the URL for my MyShop account?
    A: Yes, your MyShop URL and profile picture are customizable.
  • Q: How do I share my discount with others?
    A: All you have to do is share your promo code (4Life ID) or the link to your MyShop site. From there, your customers will automatically gain access to wholesale pricing and the sale will automatically be tied to your MyShop account.
  • Q: How big is the discount on a MyShop site?
    A: All purchases made on a MyShop site save 20% or more on 4Life products, which is the same wholesale discount given to a Preferred Customer or Affiliate.
  • Q: Can orders still get free shipping on a MyShop site?
    A: Yes, the free delivery of 100€ or more is valid in the countries of the European Union and its territories (except the countries and territories indicated in the shipping rates). Consult shipping rates.
  • Q: How do I share my MyShop site?
    A: Just share the link to your page. You can give someone a card with your MyShop URL, or you can email or text them the link.
  • Q: How has the MyShop Payout changed?
    A: MyShop Payout is now being paid out the same way as Rapid Rewards. Once you achieve the 100 PV requirement, you earn a 25% commission on all personal MyShop orders (orders from people you sign up). Once qualified, you also earn a 12% commission on all your Level 1 MyShop orders, a 5% commission on all your Level 2 MyShop orders and a 2% on third-level orders.
  • Q: Why is the MyShop Payout changing?
    A: We want to reward our Affiliates even more! Plus, MyShop Commissions are now paid daily to your account.*

    *Commissions paid daily may not be available in all markets.
  • Q: Is anything else changing with MyShop?
    A: Everything else you love about the MyShop program is staying the same!
*An Affiliate must have qualified in the current month to be eligible for MyShop commissions.
*only for Shipping Method Europe Zone 1 and Europe Zone 2. For more information, please take a look at the shipping conditions
†All customizable MyShop settings are subject to review by 4Life.