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European Leadership Trip Incentive

A trip for European Affiliates to enhance business skills while enjoying incredible destinations

Destination: Cascais - Portugal

A coastal gem nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the captivating Sintra mountains

Dates: 26-29 September 2024

Qualification period: January to June 2024

Leadership Trip Incentive 2024 Europe - requirements

Requirements for New and Existing ranks


New Ranks

The participation in the Fast Start Program is mandatory in any rank


Qualification times

Diamond Elite 4 Times
Presidential 3 Times
Presidential Elite 2 Times
Bronze and above 1 Time



Existing Ranks

The participation in the Fast Start Program is mandatory in any rank


Requalification times

Presidential Elite 4 Times
Bronze and Bronze Elite 3 Times
Silver and Silver Elite 2 Times
Gold 3 Times
Platinum 1 Time

Terms & Conditions


1. The duration of this trip is 4 days and 3 nights.

2. New rank qualifiers are those who reach the rank for the first time during the qualification period of January to June 2024.

3. The incentive trip is for ID owner and a companion (co-applicant or partner).

4. The prize cannot be modified, transferred or exchanged in cash. Unless the company decides otherwise.

5. The incentive is only for Affiliates with European ID code.

6. Within 10 days after Affiliates have been informed that the trip has been won, they must confirm and accept their participation, fill out the form (winner and a companion) along with the copies of ID cards. If they don’t confirm their participation within 10 days, they’ll lose the trip.

7. Unless there are probable reasons due to Force Majeure that prevent winners from enjoying the trip, once the flight tickets have been issued, the cancellation costs shall be deducted from Affiliates’s account. Once the trip is confirmed and the reservation done, in case of cancellation, 4Life reserves the right of charging the Affiliate for 80% of the trip. We strongly recommend to all winners to purchase their own personal travel insurance to cover all cancellation costs.

8. Once 4Life has purchased airfare, 4Life considers the trip redeemed. There will be no cancellation or deferment of the trip after this timeframe. If the winner is unable to attend for any reason, the trip will be considered forfeited. The trips are non-transferrable.

CANCELLATION: Please be aware that all the booking that does the company are non-refundable and cancelled bookings will incur charges.

9. The trip includes accommodation and partial food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and excludes anything additional, ie. minibar, room service, extra hotel services. The winner receives a cash voucher to cover some expenses during their free time. This incentive includes transportation from main airports of departure point to Lisboa airport and group transfer from Lisboa airport to the hotel and viceversa.

10. Winners must maintain and comply with good ethical and commercial practices, in accordance with the applicable standards and 4Life Policies & Procedures in place in each market.

11. The Leadership Trip award is considered a payment in kind, winners will therefore receive an invoice for tax purposes (only for Spain, Germany and Italy).

12. The costs for bringing a third person (a child of any age) as a third companion is 1.200 € plus flight costs.