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Be part of the Fast Start Challenge!

Program duration: February to April 2024

Monthly prizes:

Receive a gift pack every accomplished month!


"Open and Share"

1x Smartphone Finger Holder

1x RioVida Stix

1x Energy Go Stix Tropical


"Active Life"

1x 4Life Pen

1x Renuvo

1x Pro-TF


"Happy Gut"

1x 4Life Mug

1x PRE/O

1x Glutamine Prime

1x Tri Factor

Grand prize: Cascais awaits!

More chances to win!
For EACH MONTH that you meet the requirements, you'll earn ONE ENTRY to participate in the raffle for the Cascais trip! So, the more months you accomplish with the requirements, the more entries you'll collect, giving you even greater chances to win a trip to Cascais, Portugal!
Dates: 26-29 September 2024
Stand a chance for the European Leadership Trip!

Fast Start Challenge Winners



Bronze Elite

Anatoli Hortok



Abel Lligoña Mitjans

Marina Schmidt

Nadine Sybille Schäfer



Elias Wiglinghoff

Julianna Dr. Gelleri

Karol Yulianna Escudero Mancera

Mia Arian

Timo Schmidt



Andrea Gisela Nickel

Angela Balbach

Beate Gerda Boggasch

Brigitte Bürgi

Daniel Gönczöl

Elisa Barrui

Ingrid Schäfer

Isabelle Schwarz

Javier Jimenez Lugo

Jochen Heinz Sticher

Melanie Bruse

Rosa Maria Fernandes Cristo Antunes

Tibor Pavlicsek


Builder Elite

Adrian Hermann

Daniela Krämer

Karin Murmann Tscherry

Maria Del Carmen Plaza Serrano

Maria Violeta Orenes Prieto

Mischa Adam

Tamar García Martín

Tina Hamann-Christen



Bronze Elite

Anatoli Hortok



Nadine Sybille Schäfer

Marina Schmidt

Claudia Meister

Bettina Theissen

Flora Verresen


Presidential Elite

Renate Baumgartner-Hunziker



Patricia Álvarez Velez

Maria Elena Llamuca Muyulema


Diamond Elite

Michelle Singenberger

Jeremy Tebbe



Harald Albrecht

Onna Casanova

Gailiene Donguole

Ana Mafalda Faria

Javier Jimenez Lugo

Karin Murmann Tscherry

Antal Nagy

Andrea Gisela Nickel

Ferenc Pukanszky

Aida Ribera Montes

Lourdes Alison Risco Arenaza


Builder Elite

Jessica Balbach

Nicole Bollhalder

Heidrun Gehrmann

Mag.Beatrix Graf

Jorge Luis Guaman Tenesaca

Carmen Jäckel

Elke Jeß
Petra Kron

Yvonne Kubitzki

David Maierhofer

Gilbert Murmann

Hannah Nagel

Elke Thalheimer

Dr. Kamal Salem

Inês Raquel Silva

Elizabeth Consuelo Terceros Claros

Mireille Will

Monika Zimmermann

Challenge requirements:


Enroll 3 Preferred Customers each month (3x February, 3x March, 3x April):

• 2 with 150 LP each (Keep in mind the Immune Support Formula pack: top products, great discount, and free enrollment!)

• 1 with a Fast Start pack or a first order of 400LP or more.


Also, you need to:

• Maintain a minimum personal order of 150 LP monthly.

• All 3 enrollments must be in the same month.

• All new enrollees must to be from European markets.

• The enroller and sponsor must to be the same person.