4Life India New General Manager 12/6/2019
4Life India New General Manager
Salt Lake City, Utah (December 6, 2019) 4Life International Vice President of Europe and India, Preston Richards, appointed Shishir Jha as General Manager of 4Life India.

Jha is joining 4Life with more than 20 years of experience in the direct-selling industry. After graduating from the University of Delhi in Business Administration, Jha began his career in sales, training and business development.

India is among the most diverse countries in the world, and thanks to the fact that Jha has work experience in its four regions, he perfectly understands the unique expectations and opportunities within the different Indian markets.

According to Richards, “Shishir has a unique preparation to move the business to a higher and better level in India, because he understands its people and processes, sales cycle and the conditions that drive success. I am excited to see how he will promote 4Life mission, both in the office and outside, with distributors.”

Shishir spent his first day of work in his new position in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the annual general managers’ meeting, where he was able to attend product workshops, strategy meetings and activities to meet his colleagues. Shishir currently resides in Chennai and upon his return to India he will relocate to Mumbay.

Jha’s own words were the following: “I am excited to think about what the future will hold. I met the 4Life executive team, and have studied the science behind 4Life products. People partnering with 4Life dream big and reach their goals.”

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