1. Receive 15% on all Loyalty Program orders in credits redeemable for products.
    2. You can sign up for the Loyalty Program online or via the distributor helpline.
    3. A Loyalty Program order is an order placed automatically by the system which meets the terms and conditions set out below.
    4. Distributors must maintain a minimum monthly Loyalty Program order of 50 LP to receive Product Credits.
    5. Distributors must maintain a monthly Loyalty Program order of 125 LP to receive the free product of the month, which will be sent or delivered with the next month’s Loyalty Program order. For example: if you have a Loyalty Program order of a minimum of 125 LP for January, when you receive your February Loyalty Program order you will receive the Free Product.
    6. Loyalty Program orders can be changed:
    • online up to the day before the date when the monthly Loyalty Program order is generated.
    • via telephone up to the business day before the Loyalty Program is ordered and during the distributor helpline opening hours.
    7. Distributors or Preferred Customers may choose a specific day to place a Loyalty Program order starting on the 3rd and ending on the 17th or 19th of each month. Existing Distributors or Preferred Customers can keep the day they have already chosen.
    8. Since they are generated automatically by the system, payment for Loyalty Program orders may only be made using VISA or MasterCard.
    9. Loyalty Program orders for which payment is not taken on the day they are generated due to a “failure to pay” or “insufficient balance” (and only these two causes) will be charged again automatically by the system from 26 to 28 of each month.
    10. Payment for Loyalty Program orders must be confirmed in order to receive Product Credits. Product Credits will not be recovered if a Loyalty Program order is returned.
    11. If a Loyalty Program order is not confirmed or is returned more than once within a period of 12 consecutive months (from the first failure), the distributor will lose any credits collected.
    12. Distributors that do not place their order for two consecutive months will lose their collected Product Credits and must re-register for the Loyalty Program. In order to re-register, distributors must wait for an additional month after the two consecutive months in which a Loyalty Program order was not placed. By enrolling in the Loyalty Program you can choose between the 1st and 20th of each month as the shipping date of your order.
    13. Distributors that cancel their participation in the Loyalty Program will lose their existing Product Credits and must re-register for the Loyalty Program. They must also wait 90 days from the date of their last Loyalty Program order to re-register.
    14. The maximum limit for Product Credits will be 75 LP per month.
    15. Existing distributors and customers may start to redeem Product Credits 60 days after their first Loyalty Program order was confirmed.
    16. New distributors and customers who sign up for the Loyalty Program may begin to redeem Product Credits 60 days after their first 4Life order is placed.
    17. New distributors and customers receive Product Credits on all orders that they place during the first month of product purchases (subject to defined limits), provided that the new distributor or consumer registered for the Loyalty Program at the end of the NEXT month. After the first month of purchases, Product Credits will only be received on Loyalty Program orders.
    18. Product Credits have no cash refund value and they are not transferable.
    19. Product Credits are only redeemable for individual products and not for promotions or product packages.
    20. To redeem the Product Credits, call the distributor helpline in your market or log in to your account on the 4Life website, always at least 24 hours before confirmation of your order.
    21. Product Credits must be redeemed within a period of 12 months from the date they are received.
    22. Products redeemed with collected credits will only be sent or delivered with the next Loyalty Program order. 23. Products redeemed with Product Credits may not be returned or exchanged for other products.
    24. A charge of € 4 plus taxes applies to each Credit Product order.
    25. A surcharge is applied to credit orders for some 4Life products (see table)*.
    26. Taxes may apply to the redemption charges, surcharges, Product Credit orders and the free product of the month.
    27. Products redeemed using Product Credits have no LP value and do not count towards rankings.
    28. Call your market’s distributor helpline to cancel your participation in the Loyalty Program.
    29. New products will not be available for redemption until 6 months after they are launched.
    30. The pack 4Life Fortify cannot be included in Loyalty Program.
    31. Loyalty orders may suffer shipping delays on certain days due to operational limitations.